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The NatureMatch Campaign!

A unique collection of 36 of Aleta Karstad's nature watercolours is soon to be published in a memory card game. Detailed portraits of birds, small mammals, fish, insects, and pearly-shelled mussels, have been selected from four decades  of Aleta's illustrated nature journals. In October 2020 the NatureMatch game will be released to the public, in a beautifully designed package - to be seen by everyone, and played with by all ages!  

As each new tile is turned and its fascinating portrait revealed, the game shines as a conversation piece. Personal stories are drawn forth as players ask each other, "Have you ever seen one of these?"  

The handbook with its informative and fun facts about each animal, adds the educational depth for which Aleta's work is recognized, informed by the constant presence of her biologist husband, Fred Schueler.

Conceived, designed, and manufactured in Canada by The Playing Card Factory  from ethically sourced materials, NatureMatch is an all-Canadian tabletop game.

Its launch is happening at a time when home-based, non-screen activities are increasingly valued as essential to health and happiness, and people everywhere are seeking for a deeper connection to Nature.

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign is in full swing now and will end on 2 October. NatureMatch is available to supporters at a discount. Art prints are also available as perks, as well as the signed and numbered Limited Edition of the game.

Follow the campaign here to see how we're doing, and join loyal backers as they kick start NatureMatch to success as a popular, all-Canadian tabletop game!