Salmon River Cloudscape (oil on canvas 5 x 7 in. framed)

15 August 2014 found me perched on a log at the waters edge below the steep forested bank of the Salmon River, 7 km southwest of Chipman, New Brunswick.

I was enchanted by the sky reflection, and tried to capture it quickly on a small canvas, but the clouds moved rapidly, changing the complexion of the scene dramatically during the time it took me to apply my underpainting and rough in the far bank. First the sky filled with bright fluffy clouds, 
and then it emptied to a distant layer of of cumulus hugging the horizon beneath a clear vault of ultramarine. I took photos as the sky changed, and chose the first view to use as reference for finishing the painting later. I'm not yet as fast at capturing fast-moving skies as my "Weatherman" artist friend and colleague, Phil Chadwick.

To learn more about this painting, see Aleta's blog.

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