Festival of the Whirligigs (oil on canvas 6 x 8 in.) framed

18 October 2013 finds me painting from the canoe, as whirligig beetles cavort on the mirror-dark water of the south end of Elbow Lake, 5.5 km northwest of Battersea, Ontario.  The canoe is tied to a repeatedly-sprouting Beaver-felled Red Maple in a lee from the wind. The wind is still flexing the regrown brush-like tops of the White Pine across the water. The bay is covered with patches of Nuphar - Yellow Waterlily, with all the flowerheads nipped off and their stems protruding from the water. I am barely able to indicate with tiny white flecks of paint, the literally myriads of Gyrinidae quietly swimming in the spaces between the lily pads. Suicidal Basswood Butterflies periodically whirl and crash down onto the surface.
To learn more about this painting, see Aleta's blog.

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